At Koosh Centers, we recognize the immense value of collaboration and strategic alliances. As a dynamic residential developer backed by the robust infrastructure of BSD Capital, we are committed to not only building spaces but fostering thriving communities. Our partnership with BSD Capital provides us with a solid financial foundation and strategic insights, aligning perfectly with our mission to innovate and sustainably invest in real estate projects that serve and enhance community living.

BSD Capital: Building Foundations for Success

BSD Capital stands as a pillar in the commercial and residential real estate sectors with its base in the vibrant Hollywood, Florida. Our expertise in identifying and developing properties with significant untapped potential is fundamental to our strategy. We focus on acquisitions that offer substantial value and potential returns, always ensuring compliance with city regulations. This strategic approach allows us to support and elevate projects like Koosh Living, providing them with the resources necessary to transform visions into reality.

Tobin Properties: A Trusted Partner in Real Estate

Our long-standing relationship with Louie Granteed of Tobin Properties has been instrumental in the leasing and success of numerous projects. His deep market knowledge, combined with our comprehensive development expertise, creates a powerful synergy that drives the success of Koosh Living and several other BSD Capital ventures.

USA Construction Management: Experts in Development and Management

USA Construction Management is our go-to partner for managing and developing real estate solutions, specializing in both commercial and residential properties across South Florida. Their proficiency in overseeing complex projects ensures that every development is executed flawlessly, furthering our commitment to building superior living environments.

At Koosh Living, we believe in the power of partnerships to create transformative experiences and spaces. Through our collaborations with BSD Capital, Tobin Properties, and USA Construction Management, we are setting new standards in real estate development, focusing on community, sustainability, and innovation. Join us in redefining residential living where every project is more than just a space—it’s a place to call home.